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Fiberdyne partners with Audiokinetic to deliver Renesas R-car DSP Plugin

Fiberdyne is pleased to announce that it has partnered With Audiokinetic to deliver Renesas R-car DSP Wwise plugin!

The Wwise platform and Fiberdyne plugin has been designed around the Renesas M3 R-car platform running
Automotive Grade Linux.

Audiokinetic is the leading provider for cross-platform interactive audio solutions. Wwise Automotive features
an optimized run-time sound engine and an audio authoring application designed to create and manage
customized in-car audio experiences.

Fiberdyne, working together with Audio Kinetic, have developed a Wwise plugin for the AGL audio framework
which significantly reduces the CPU overhead by offloading the heavy DSP lifting to the HiFi2 core.

Autiokinetic will be displaying the R-car platform with Wwise and the Fiberdyne R-car DSP library at CES 2018 in the AGL Showcase Lido Ballroom in the Venetian

Audiokinetic CES 2018