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mObridge DA3 Launches

Fiberdyne Systems are pleased to announce the launch of the DA3 Digital Pre-Amplifier with advanced DSP functions, under their brand mObridge.

The DA1 and DA2 products have been in the market for a number of years, providing digital and analog pre-outs for vehicles equipped with MOST-bus technology.

The DA3 adds to this by including an advanced fully-tunable DSP interface.  This allows users to customize and tune the car's audio system via a USB connection to a PC or Mac.

Parameters such as active filters, time alignment, phase inversion, and gain control are controllable in real-time, as well as a per-channel 1024 point EQ filter.

The mObridge DA3 was first displayed at the CES show in Las Vegas in 2015.

The DA3 utilizes Fiberdyne's DSP audio core, which is fully developed in-house.

Some of the product highlights include:

  • Replaces the factory amp, eliminating all unwanted digital signal processing.
  • Audio output is via digital Toslink or 8 channels of RCA analog signal
  • 8-channel 192kHz 24-Bit digital-to-anlog converter (DAC) for analog output.
  • Allows for full retention of factory controls including Volume, Balance, Fadar, and factory multiband equalizer.
  • Provides a 12-volt ampifier turn on/off signal for controlling an external amplifier.
  • Elimitates the need to cut factory amplifier wiring.
  • Individual EQ filter for each output channel.
  • Individual gain control for each channel.
  • Master EQ filter.
  • Time Alignment.
  • Four preset configuration settings.
  • All audio parameter control is performed in real time.