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Renesas R-car M3 Advanced Audio library at CES 2018!

Fiberdyne Systems are pleased to announce that in partnership with Renesas we will be displaying the latest Advanced Audio processing library for the R-car M3/H3 platform running under Android.


Renesas will demonstrate the vehicles at CES 2018 in the Renesas Advanced and Autonomous Test Track and Future Ready Solutions Showcase, January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas.


The Fiberdyne DSP library offloads the heavy audio lifting to the HiFi2 DSP core within the M3/H3 SoC platforms.  In addition to this Fiberdyne has also developed a native Android application
running on the main screen of the Dodge Ram.  The Android Graphical interface is fully customizable and allows user access to such features as:

  • Bass/mid/treble/fade/balance & volume control
  • Master graphical equalizer with reference UI
  • Subwoofer gain control

In addition the DSP library provides the following underlying processing:

  • 12 channels of fully-equalized output processing
  • Individual crossover and filter control on each output channel
  • Individual input and output channel gain control
  • Time buffering on each output channel

With the addition of the Fiberdyne R-car DSP library it is possible to implement all DSP features normally found in high end external amplifiers and bring this now onboard the main head unit of the vehicle.

Fiberdyne R-car Advanced Audio library brochure