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A2B Amplifiers, Microphones and IVI system emulators

Fiberdyne Research is pleased to announce the availability of the new A2B range of amplifiers!

The A2B amplifiers range all the way from 8 channel entry level dumb amplifiers through to 16 channel full DSP processing high powered amplifiers.  

In addition to the amplifier range we now also have available A2B MEMS microphone modules.  The mics can be used for both voice and ANC applications.  

In conjunction with the Fiberdyne A2B master nodes it is possible to create a full end to end development system. The Master nodes can emulate the IVI system for fast development and prototyping.

The Master node is capable of:

  • TOSLINK audio input
  • Analog stereo input
  • Audio input mapping to A2B audio output channels to send to the amplifier
  • DSP processing of 8 audio channels for downstream 'dumb' amplifiers
  • Mapping of A2B audio, inputs such as mics, to output RAC connectors
  • A2B control message implementation
  • UDS diagnostics
  • LUA scripting language interface for custom button creation

Fiberdyne can supply a complete end to end A2B system that can quickly and easily fitted into test vehicles or development benches.