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Audio DSP Software Library

Fiberdyne Research can provide an Advanced Audio DSP software that works on a number of different platforms and can easily be ported to new platforms.  The DSP library is designed to be used with the Fiberdyne range of 'dumb' amplifiers.

The DSP library is currently compatible with the Analog Devices SHARC and Blackfin range or processors and more recently the Renesas R-car platform and other ARM based SoC platforms.

The Renesas R-car platform software library has been developed in conjunction with Renesas to take advantage of the Tensilica HiFi2 DSP engine.  Fiberdyne has developed this library for both the Automotive Grade Linux AGL platform as well as the Android platform.  The library comes with a complete AGL or Android framework that removes the existing bottle neck in the underlying Linux ALSA processing and streamlines the audio through DMA transfers directly into the HiFi2 engine resulting in much better performance for both the DSP and main SoC ARM cores.  The R-car platform is capable of processing upto 10 channels of audio directly from the HU of the vehicle.  The package comes with a complete GUI for both AGL and Android ready to run out of the box.

The Fiberdyne DSP library is already in use by many OEM's around the world today.

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