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OEM Audio Design & Manufacture

Fiberdyne Systems provide an OEM design and Manufacturing service for Automotive and Home Audio products.  We can offer a 'raw' product for your own packaging, or a complete 'retail finished' product, so that you can go direct to market as soon as your order is received.


Amplification - We offer amplifier design & manufacture based around our proprietary Rare Audio technology, which delivers incredible power from remarkably small sized units. We can manufacture up to 32 channel amplifiers for OEM with built in DSP to give full control and configuration for each vehicle.

DSP - Partnering with chip manufacturer Analog Devices allows us to push the processing boundaries with up to 1000 points of parametric equalization and time alignment for up to 32 channels! We are at the cutting edge of DSP technology and control.

DAB Radio - Whether DAB or DAB+, we have you covered in the digital audio broadcast domain. 

Active Noise Cancellation - Using our DSP and microphone expertise, we have developed an in-house ANC that can deliver up to 7dB in road and engine noise reduction, making the harsh environment of the vehicle just that little bit more pleasant.

Domestic & Professional Audio

Much like in the automotive space, we have the ability to design and manufacture to meet any demands of both the domestic and professional audio arenas. Ask and you shall receive!


For all OEM services, please contact us for a confidential discussion about your requirements.