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OEM Audio Solution - Renesas R-Car M3 Platform

Fiberdyne Systems have developed a full DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Audio System control solution for the Renesas R-CarM3 platform.

This solution creates a Graphical User Interface between the Tensilica HiFi2 DSP Core and ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture), to allow the user complete control of the audio signal.

OEM Audio Solution Overview

Fiberdyne’s advanced DSP utilizes the multi core ARM microprocessor for super responsive ‘real time’ audio adjustments and advanced DSP functionality, including:

  • 64 point graphic equalizer for each speaker and master EQ.
  • Individual speaker time alignment.
  • Individual speaker phase adjustment.
  • Auto 'room correction' for ideal automatic sound cabin equalization.
  • Multi sink/source audio stream handling.
  • MOST25, MOST50, MOST150, CAN and Automotive Ethernet libraries available.
  • Subwoofer gain control.
  • Balance/fade/bass/treble/mid graphical control.
  • Individual speaker gain control.

DSP Engine Overview

Our proprietary DSP engine plugs into the on-board Tensilica HiFi2 Audio engine available on the R-CarM3 platform.

The audio system can be controlled in real time with an easy to use graphical interface.

DSP Overview