Fiberdyne Systems is a supplier of high quality automotive solutions designed for the demanding needs of the automotive world. The company specializes in the growing needs for integrated infotainment systems within the cockpit of the automobile. As the entertainment and information systems become more complex, the need for seamless plug and play integration and connections with the outside world becomes greater and greater. We specialize in the growing digital domain in automotive namely the need for audio visual processing within the car as well as Telematics, vehicle diagnostics and data logging on the numerous data buses within the vehicle.

Fiberdyne Solutions

Fiberdyne Systems specialize in providing the "glue" between your IP and the vehicle. Our proprietary "Rapid Development Framework" can significantly reduce your time-to-prototype and time-to-market.

  • Hardware design and layout
  • Embedded Software
  • Acceptance and System testing
  • DSP audio visual processing
  • OEM vehicle diagnostics & data logging
  • Embedded Linux & Android
  • Telematics
  • Rapid prototyping with embedded scripting languages

OEM Audio Solution - Renesas R-Car M3 Platform

Fiberdyne Systems have developed a full DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Audio System control solution for the Renesas R-CarM3 platform.

This solution creates a Graphical User Interface between the Tensilica HiFi2 DSP Core and ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture), to allow the user complete control of the audio signal.

OEM Audio Design & Manufacture

Fiberdyne Systems provide an OEM design and Manufacturing service for Automotive and Home Audio products.  We can offer a 'raw' product for your own packaging, or a complete 'retail finished' product, so that you can go direct to market as soon as your order is received.

PCB Design and Prototyping

Fiberdyne Systems can offer a turn-key PCB design and prototyping service.

Over the years Fiberdyne Systems have designed DSP Audio & amplification solutions for aftermarket and OEM Audio Manufacturers as well as Automotive Diagnostic tools.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us for a confidential discussion about your requirements. 


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Data Acquisition and Diagnostic solutions

Fiberdyne have been designing and manufacturing custom Data Acquisition and Diagnostic solutions for over 10 years.

We develop specialized data aquisition and diagnostic tools targeting MOST25, MOST50, MOST150 and CAN Bus systems. Our customers have included some of the largest automotive companies, mining and construction companies in the world!