Automotive Audio Bus

Utilizing Analog Devices Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) digital audio bus technology, Fiberdyne Systems’ A2B products are capable of distributing multiple channels of audio and control data over a single, unshielded, low-cost twisted-pair wire. This can streamline your audio network, saving weight with less wiring, and simplifying the installation process.

We have a number of A2B compatible products available including everything from ‘dumb’ amplifiers, DSP amplifiers with Active Noise Cancellation technology, digital microphone arrays and A2B Master Nodes.

These systems can be adapted and combined to develop any new application and custom design solution for your audio infotainment system.

A2B Products

9.1 Channel Premium A2B Amplifier

The 9.1 channel high powered premium amplifier is OEM qualified and can be adapted to any number of applications.  With over 1KW of RMS power available these amplifiers pack lots of punch!

Fitted as either a ‘dumb’ amplifier or a full DSP including Active Noise Cancellation technology these amps can be adapted to any new application and design.

16 Channel Low Cost A2B Amplifier

The 16 channel Entry Level A2B amplifier is designed as an ultra-compact amplifier with the ability to be run as a ‘dumb’ amplifier or with full DSP processing.   We have also designed the amplifier as an engineering development kit with an expansion port able to accept a number of off-the-shelf add-ons such as the Dante AV networking card, Raspberry Pi and Arduino DSP shields.

With fully bridgeable channels to provide more power for subwoofers, these amps are capable of 16x 38W @ 4ohms power.

A2B MEMS Microphones

No A2B ecosystem is complete with digital MEMS microphones.  Now available for demo and evaluation purposes and used in conjunction with our Active Noise Cancellation DSP algorithms, these microphones can be daisy-chained throughout the vehicle on the A2B network.

A2B Master Nodes

Every A2B network requires a Master node and the Fiberdyne A2B Master Node is designed to emulate the infotainment system of the vehicle.

Capable of accepting TOSLINK audio and 4x channels of analog audio input, the Master node will drive the A2B Amplifier and Microphone slaves. The Fiberdyne A2B Masternode also contains DIP switches allowing for easy switching of A2B network profiles and CAN bus connectivity to provide further integration with the vehicle systems.

The Master node itself contains a DSP processor with 8 channels of audio expandable up to 16 channels by duplicating the audio onto A2B. Each of these channels can be configured with individual crossovers, filters, EQ and gain control along with master eq, bass, treble and volume control.

The DSP PC Workbench also contains Lua scripting allowing developers to create custom scripts that allow A2B and CAN Bus control and diagnostic messages and custom buttons for DSP parameters.